Touch Typing Week #1

Well, I must say that it is harder than expected and also I was too lazy to do it every day at least not for 30 minutes (on average I was touch-typing for 21 minutes a day). Anyway there is some progress, see the chart below (don’t pay much attention to the first 2 days […]

FPLog Begins

In my previous post on logging I wrote about how it could be future-proofed and now I would like to give this concept some development.. literally – I want to develop a logging solution based on the concept presented earlier. The solution will consist of client and server parts. Client: C++ and Java API Various […]

Future-proof Logging

Some time ago I had a project that required working with lots of exchange orders, these orders were arriving into the system in hundreds per second: some were filled, others modified or canceled. In other words there was always some processing involved that needed to leave some traces in order to understand what happened with […]

Learning Touch Typing

The first skill I would like to master in 2014 is touch typing. I made several attempts previously but failed because the task is too boring and repetitive.. Some say the skill is essential for programmers some disagree and there seem to be no real facts – only opinions. Well, I am going to test […]