Fixing Screen Tearing on Linux Mint 17.3

I’m on Nvidia GF770 GTX, there is a decent, though proprietary, driver for my GPU from Nvidia but what bothers me a lot is that even despite having the correct driver with 3D-capabilities, able to run demanding 3D games I am still having a trivial issue of screen tearing in games and videos.. I have […]

Raspberry Pi 3 B as Media Center

Over the weekend experimented with OpenELEC Linux flavor for Raspberry Pi 1 B. Experimented with wired and wireless connection options, unfortunately in all cases performance was very laggy on high quality HD movies, if 720p was ok in some cases, 1080 was never played at an acceptable level. I compare it with Intel NUC which […]

Split Traffic Per Process

The task at hand: route traffic from different processes to 2 distinct wifi adapters. First adapter is switched to normal wifi, second to the router with persistent vpn connection. I need an ability to chose which process will use which adapter. I have searched for solution and found very similar here: So, just adapted […]

Plex, Twonky, XBMC & NUC

DLNA was out there for quite a while now, call me a slowpoke but I finally decided to give it a try! First question that needs to be answered is WHY? Well, if you have a bunch of stuff like music, movies and photos on your home file server (NAS) it is likely you want to […]

Reusing RDP session on Linux

This continues to be a pain every time I install new Linux distro on some device I need remote access to: If you install whatever is available on Ubuntu / Mint (and I suspect a number of other Linux flavors) – say xrdp + tightvnc, what you get is non-persistent remote desktop session, meaning once […]

Archive repos for discontinued Ubuntu versions

This is bad advice for lazy ass Linux user, in this case my future self. Some time ago, trying to update my Linux box, I realized that I cannot do that – package repositories return some 404-like error, cannot find any content in the official repos. Of course I immediately started to search for mirror […]

Backup Your Files

After the important files are in order and synced between devices we sort of get them backed up this way to a certain extent of course – this backup will not make your workstation boot into OS again in case something bad happens with HDD or boot partition.. Below is the list of software I […]

Sync Your Files

Was thinking about making sense of “My Documents” folder for a long time already. This folder looks like the trash can on every device I have – basically a collection of stuff that is needed and relevant, that was relevant some time ago and stuff that should have been deleted around 10 years ago.. I […]

Using Lua for Log Message Filters

Here is how the public API of fplog looks like: //One time per application call. FPLOG_API void initlog(const char* appname, fplog::Transport_Interface* transport = 0); //Mandatory call from every thread that wants to log some data. //Done to increase flexibility: //each thread will have its own filters configuration and //can decide independently which stuff to log. […]