DLNA Audio Player for iOS

KODI, how I wish you were available for iOS!

Well, technically if you are ready to jailbreak your phone or suffer through other ways of getting a development build on your iDevice, then KODI *is* actually available for iOS: http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_iOS#Development_and_custom_builds

However for the majority of people AppStore is where the apps are, so I started looking there, the obvious place, right?

2.5 hours and approximately 40 EUR later I sort of have found what I was looking for, had to install paid versions of multiple players just to learn that they are incapable of doing what I wanted them to do.. Am I just retarded or there is no easy way to ask for a refund on app from the AppStore, like on Android for example?

Oh yeah, if you mean this -> http://ioshacker.com/how-to/get-refund-app-purchased-app-store then FUCK THAT SHIT! I think I know now how AppStore gets much better earnings per app than PlayStore – it just makes it hard for people to get refunds for the crap they bought! Don’t buy crap you say? Well what if I need to test before I can give the verdict and there is no ‘lite’ version or ‘lite’ version do not have the feature I am after? Well, FUCK THAT SHIT AGAIN I AM PISSED!

With this rant out of the way I can get back to the core of the issue – what I was after, what the requirements have been.

Find a UPnP / DLNA player that can play folders served from the server and have ’shuffle play’ functionality.

That was it! I thought well, should be easy, basic stuff.. I do not wish to litter the post with swearing more but to put it mildly – expectation turned out to be very different from reality… Play individual tracks? Here you go, please, but playing the whole folder – NOOooo, soooo difficult!

Why did I write that I sort of have found the solution? The player I found is able to play folders but not the topmost folders, for example if you have a folder ’some shit’ and it has a subfolder ‘more shit’ then you will be able to play only the ‘more shit’ folder and only if that folder contains nothing but tracks, if it has tracks + some folders, you are screwed again. Did I mention that this player has UI resembling Pablo Picasso paintings more than human usable interface? The screenshot cannot show all the WTF? moments you are going to have, so if you are the first time user – good luck finding where to tap! Add to that the complete freezes where you have to kill the app and re-launch (thankfully do not happen while playing, rather happen when browsing through the DLNA server much).


I am done with this search, Creation 5 will likely to stay with my iDevice – I have no mental power left to continue looking for alternatives and with this, still very much pissed, I would like to conclude the post.