From Plex to Serviio via MiniDLNA

I’ve decided to make a switch – NUC (previously wrote about it here) is replaced by Raspberry Pi 3 B in Media Player role and NUC itself will serve File Server role from now on. In order to do that, I have made some reconfiguration and also installed Plex on my NUC (which has Ubuntu 15.10 at the moment of writing this blog post). It did not go well..

Plex was visible from other devices but as soon as I try accessing files from DLNA-enabled device, Plex occupies all CPU cores almost at 100% and nothing happens, I mean content cannot be accessed. This problem did not go away despite my several attempts at fixing it. Finally I gave up on Plex and went searching for another options.

MiniDLNA was a logical next step as this is quite popular solution for embedded devices and Linux. Well, almost worked – music and videos were all right but collection of photos did not want to show up on Kodi or similar players on any platform. Randomly some photo would display after very long delay but it was so slow to show up to be considered unusable. MiniDLNA log file showed errors like this a lot: “Returning UPnPError 701: No such object error”. Somewhere on the forums I’ve seen people saying the error is insignificant and everything should still work. Unfortunately not my case – I was unable to fix pictures display on any of the media players when MiniDLNA was serving the content.

Serviio came up next in my search after the fiasco with MiniDLNA. It is Java application that runs from terminal by default (with an option to make it a daemon), it is configured by using a web interface (a-la Plex) and to my delight it actually handles all content pretty well, the problem is resolved, thanks, Serviio!