Reusing RDP session on Linux

This continues to be a pain every time I install new Linux distro on some device I need remote access to:

If you install whatever is available on Ubuntu / Mint (and I suspect a number of other Linux flavors) – say xrdp + tightvnc, what you get is non-persistent remote desktop session, meaning once you disconnect, it’s gone and next time fresh new session will be created.

What you have to do is just go there ->
Download this stuff as zip, unpack and run ‘‘. That’s it! It will take care of all dependencies, will compile and install x11rdp for you. I think this is really all you have to do, however you might still need to provide server side of the equation – something like x11vnc – unfortunately do not remember that because did the operation couple of days earlier before writing this post, which shows that writing those posts is a great idea because my memory sux 🙂

One last thing – if using remmina RDP client you are getting SEGFAULTs, try setting color to 24bpp and/or update.

UPDATE [20.03.2016]: It seems later versions of Ubuntu, after introducing systemd (15.04?) require one last step to make xrdp working, the step is to go to /lib/systemd/system/ folder and delete 2 files: xrdp.service and xrdp-sesman.service. After this step you will be able to control xrdp via /etc/init.d/ as before systemd. More details on the problem and solution here: