Building Dependencies for fplog

Build Boost Windows First execute bootstrap.bat and then the following: b2 –build-type=complete –toolset=msvc architecture=x86 address-model=32 Linux g++-multilib: you need to install this package to do cross-compilation, building 32-bit executables on 64-bit machine. Execute and then the following: ./b2 -j8 –build-type=complete –layout=versioned –toolset=gcc architecture=x86 address-model=32 -j8 switch here means that 8 parallel compilation threads will […]

Using Lua for Log Message Filters

Here is how the public API of fplog looks like: //One time per application call. FPLOG_API void initlog(const char* appname, fplog::Transport_Interface* transport = 0); //Mandatory call from every thread that wants to log some data. //Done to increase flexibility: //each thread will have its own filters configuration and //can decide independently which stuff to log. […]

Android Support

Been thinking about supporting Android lately – if this is feasible and how easy it would be.. To be frank it would be troublesome porting sprot & spipc to Java and I am not even sure this is interesting enough to spend my free time on it. However, as Android has Linux at its core […]

Progress Report

A brief summary of how things are going with my projects. Touch Typing After 7 weeks I stopped training and started using this new skill in day-to-day activities. Now 12 weeks have passed since I started and I should say that I am back to regular practice – I keep making lots of mistakes and […]

SProt Client Mode State Diagram

Client side of sprot is finally ready too. Well, at least main logic is defined. While I was at it I understood that sequence numbers of data frames will be needed to resolve situations when server accepted a frame X and sent an ack but client did not receive this ack from server  for whatever […]

SProt Server Mode State Diagram

Here is how message exchange looks like from sprot server perspective. Diagram could be optimized by having a generic frame received state followed by crc check and sending nack in case of failure, but I realized it too late – already spent more than hour drawing that thing so I just left it “as is”.

Meet SProt, FPLog Communication Protocol

As one of the features of FPLog should be an ability to send arbitrary large log messages, communication protocol with packet assembly is required. The same protocol will be used for application to fplogd and fplogd to log collecting server communications. For now I am thinking about having only blocking IO but it might change […]

FPLog Design Overview

Spent several hours thinking, selecting the drawing tool and finally making the sketch. Decided to try some diagramming tools available for Android tablets and found one that I liked very much (DrawExpress Diagram) – it allowed me to produce quality schematics pretty fast, learning curve is very merciful and the tool supports various connector types […]

FPLog Begins

In my previous post on logging I wrote about how it could be future-proofed and now I would like to give this concept some development.. literally – I want to develop a logging solution based on the concept presented earlier. The solution will consist of client and server parts. Client: C++ and Java API Various […]